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Tut Tuesdays!  Proko posted a fantastic video concerning the difference between drawing gesture and drawing contour.  Can you also achieve gesture with scribbles?  Watch his video to find out!

This is really helpful. Maintaining the energy from a sketch to the final drawing it’s something I’ve often found to be a challenge. 

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What happened in Puerto Rico

I wanna know what happened in Puerto Rico

It’s too late for me to remember where I put the receipts for this, but IIRC more experiments + forced hysterectomies on women.

^^^ yeap… 

keep in mind Tuskegee happened at a HBCU and lasted 40 years (originally only planned to last 3 months) and the US knew of a ‘cure” penicillin. 

In Puerto Rico: oral birth control pills trials (with not full disclosure given to participants and some deaths during trials) more at PBS “The Puerto Rican Pill Trials" this also happened in Haiti

My testimonio re: not celebrating the pill here. (tw: white folks don’t like my pov just see comments and this article was posted on other sites where white folks didn’t dig it either).

forced sterilization of PR women (we still have the highest rates of sterilization, read more about the 3 generations of sterilization (non-consensual and consensual) in her book, Matters of Choice, Iris Rodriguez who does qualitative work interviewing women in families, she also coined the phrase “agency within constraints” in her texts about this topic. this has happened with various women of color and women with disabilities throughout US history and currently. 

reblogging for info

If you or anybody close to you is Puerto Rican and you’re not aware of “Compulsory Sterilization,”  you better educate yourself on our history. The US government’s eugenics practices (birthed in America, tested in Puerto Rico and some 30 odd states, taken to a whole other level by Nazi Germany) amongst people of color throughout various “low class” communities in the US and on the island of Puerto Rico is one massive stain in this nation’s history.

Be sure to look up Harry H. Laughlin - the man responsible for eugenics policy and legislation.

A short article with information on Eugenics policies and practices in PR.

This article has some solid information on the origins of Nazi Eugenics in the United States (here’s looking at you, California.)

A short timeline of eugenic history “milestones” in the USA.

A solid blog post on how eugenics testing in Puerto Rico by the US government was aimed at the lower classes.

Compulsory Sterilization on wikipedia.

An older article on US eugenics practices in Guatemala and Puerto Rico.

Most of those articles are old and easily accessible through Google. Do your homework, get to a library, pull as much information as you can online. This is one thing they definitely won’t teach you in your history classes.

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You all know about the OOSA Guest Artist feature we’re doing for the Print Shop and you know that you can get Natalie Andrewson’s print this month (September) and Richie Pope’s print next month (October). Here is the rest of the Guest Artists I have lined up to this point and their schedule as far as I know it. I’ll update this when I have more information.


  • September – Natalie Andrewson
  • October – Richie Pope
  • November – Jim Rugg
  • December – Eric Bonhomme


  • January – Ron Wimberly
  • February – Heather Mahler
  • March – Conor Nolan
  • April – Tony Millionaire
  • May – Sail
  • June  (Heroes Con)– Phil Noto
  • July – Brandon Graham
  • August – Tula Lotay
  • September (Cincy Comic Con & SPX) – Aaron Conley

Stay tuned!

The final line-up, which now includes Brandon Graham!


"I’ve had people call bullshit on stuff and call bullshit on the ending, like it never happened. Everything in the movie happened. Everything in the movie is real. All the experiences come from somewhere. I wrote as much primary source material as I could, talked to veterans, read tons of military reports, and looked for patterns and take things that felt emotional and representational to tell the emotional journey."

We talk to director David Ayer and Jon Bernthal about the brutality, accuracy, and influences of Fury.

just watched this and the movie is solid. walked outta that theater with a heavy heart.


Twisting and Tumbling with Parkour Athlete @pashatheboss

To see more photos and videos of Pasha’s parkour moves all around the world, follow @pashatheboss on Instagram.

“You have to understand I trained for this for nine years,” says Latvian parkour athlete Pasha Petkuns (@pashatheboss). “If you see my videos on Instagram, don’t try to repeat them straightaway.”

Pasha was inspired by watching online videos of parkour, a form of street gymnastics. “It’s a pretty cheap sport. All you need is your shoes.” But parkour can be dangerous and requires extraordinary discipline and physical strength. “I never get serious injuries because I practice everything step-by-step and do physical strength training.”

“If you want to start, start slowly,” Pasha says. “Gymnastics gyms are great for beginners because everything is soft and safe.”

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